Day 2 in Reine, Norway

The weather on our second day in Reine was a bit different than on our first. As Colby describes it, it was “stormy with intermittent sunshine,” but that didn’t keep us from zipping around to different parts of the Lofoten Islands. It’s so cool to see how intricately and thoughtfully the Norwegian people have linked each of these islands. It really […]

By |Mar 6th, 2015|

A Quick Photo Tip: Fill the frame

I wanted to share a quick photo tip with you that can help tremendously when you want to bring attention to your primary subject. Simply, let it hog up your frame. Now, take that in jest for a bit. You obviously don’t want to completely inundate the frame with your primary subject (unless it makes sense to) but instead of […]

By |Jan 7th, 2015|

A Closer Look: ThinkTank Photo’s Perception Pro Camera Bag

About a month ago at the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC, ThinkTank Photo announced their newest camera bag line designed primarily for mirrorless shooters called the Perception line.

About 10 days ago, my buds at ThinkTank sent over an early release of the Perception Pro in taupe for me to use. So, with the gift-giving holidays rapidly approaching, I thought it’d […]

By |Nov 28th, 2014|

New mini photo workflow video

Earlier this evening, I posted a quick redux to a photo workflow video I posted on my Patreon page yesterday. I thought it’d be fun to share it with everyone. Enjoy!
By |Nov 20th, 2014|

The Many Layers of New York City

Anyone who lives in, or spends a good deal of time visiting, New York City likely has their favorite neighborhoods. This home city of mine offers something, somewhere for everyone. For me, there are three places in particular that I love to roam when I’m visiting: the Lower East Side (LES), Union Square, and most recently, The Highline. […]

By |Nov 8th, 2014|

NYC-bound for the PhotoPlus Expo!

Well, the bags are packed and the camera batteries are charged! The PhotoPlus Expo has always been one of my favorites each year partly because of the breadth of photographers that show up but also because it’s in my hometown of NYC! I’m really excited to catch up with close friends and new faces, all coming together because of the […]

By |Oct 27th, 2014|