NYC-bound for the PhotoPlus Expo!

Well, the bags are packed and the camera batteries are charged! The PhotoPlus Expo has always been one of my favorites each year partly because of the breadth of photographers that show up but also because it’s in my hometown of NYC! I’m really excited to catch up with close friends and new faces, all coming together because of the […]

By |Oct 27th, 2014|

Add Texture For More Depth

I have so much admiration for photographers who can masterfully overlay textures on top of their photos. One of my favorite people who is a virtuoso in this area is Alan Shapiro. When I see one of his texturized files, my jaw simply drops. Admittedly, I don’t think I’m the most proficient in this realm of stylization but […]

By |Oct 7th, 2014|

The case for infrared photography

Well, I am officially hooked on infrared photography. Earlier this morning, we took our DPW Workshop attendees to the historic barns on Mormon Row Road in Grand Tetons National Park for sunrise. Leading up to leaving for Wyoming, I got the idea to see how infrared photography would work with a Sony A7-system camera body. After doing a bunch of […]

By |Sep 26th, 2014|

Quintessential San Francisco

The crazy-hot weather in the Portland area has continued this weekend, so I decided to turn to editing a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco just after sunset. The weather was certainly more favorable than it is here today. With that being said, the overcast skies and cooling rain are already forecasted for later this week, but […]

By |Sep 21st, 2014|

Create For Yourself

I know that this piece of advice has been shared many times before by me and by many other helpful people, but it warrants sharing again. Simply, create for yourself. Create whatever and however you want to create, on your terms. Share your creations with the world not for the paper-thin and fleeting affirmation of others, not for that ridiculous +1 […]

By |Aug 23rd, 2014|

The early and lucky bird

I can’t remember what obscene hour Nicole and I woke up at to meet our driver/guide, who managed to get us to this spot before any other souls were there (aside from the security guards and vendors who were just beginning to set up shop for the day). This silhouette belongs to the famed Angkor […]

By |Aug 7th, 2014|