The Path of Least Resistance, Groupings IV

Ruckel Creek Falls is a great place to visit if you’re trying to get a handle on this type of nature photography. It’s a short walk from the main parking area at the Eagle Creek Trail, right off of I84, and doesn’t require navigating any tough terrain to get to. A lot of the additions to my Path of Least Resistance study […]

By |Sep 10th, 2014|

Improve composition by isolating your subject

One of the most beautiful sunsets that I’ve ever seen was at Main Beach in Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales, Australia. I’ve been to Australia three times (twice this year) and Byron Bay seems to be one of the best representations of Australia’s eastern coast. I had such a wonderful time roaming around with my fellow global photographers on […]

By |Sep 8th, 2014|

Improving composition using natural layers

One of the ways that I aim to create a more compelling photo is by incorporating natural layers to improve composition. This is especially useful with seascape photography because it’s easy for the viewer’s eyes get lost when you don’t provide sufficient foreground, middle ground, and/or background elements. Of course, this is wholly dependent on what you’re capturing and how you intend […]

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Leading Lines Back Home

I just returned back from a few days in Las Vegas attending my 10th Photoshop World Conference. While a big portion of being there was dedicated to work purposes, it was great being able to catch up with people who I only get to see during this show. I’m using this photo here partly because I like the way the […]

By |Sep 6th, 2014|

Bandon on my mind

I’m about 90 minutes away from board a flight back down to Las Vegas to attend my 10th Photoshop World show and all I can think about is Face Rock sitting on the shore in Bandon, OR. I’ve only been to Bandon once, coincidentally with my good bud, Matt Kloskowski, one of the key instructors at Photoshop World. Who knows? […]

By |Sep 2nd, 2014|

How To Avoid Tension With Your Photos

When I took this photo of some brush and brain rock in White Pocket, Arizona, the sun had just risen and each minute that elapsed afterward began adding more and more harsh light to my scene. Time was of the essence. My job as a photographer is to maximize this fleeting time to find a photo that looks good while finessing my […]

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