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I first started sharing my photos and stories back in 2008 when I launched my blog. Since then, I’ve shared hundreds upon hundreds of posts with the goal of helping others grow through my own experiences as a photographer. It has been such a rewarding process and I’ve met so many fantastic people as a result.

Recently, I thought it would […]

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A Primer in Urban Exploration

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UrbEx and Me

Growing up in New York City gave me a very strong appreciation for architecture. After all, I was surrounded by some of the grandest and most densely packed buildings on the planet. However, that appreciation didn’t fully mature until I began immersing myself in photography during my freshman year of […]

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Photo tip: Turn around!

I suspect that a lot of us photographers can relate to being the moth drawn to the flame when it comes to partaking in a beautiful sunset. We get transfixed on looking forward and rifling off frame after frame because that golden light just keeps getting better. That happened to me several weeks back as I was watching […]

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Photo Tip: Use quadrants to improve composition

When you’re standing in freezing cold water that starts coming up to your lower calves, timing is a bit of a precious commodity. After the momentary rush that wakes every part of you up passes, it can get pretty uncomfortable and even dangerous to linger for too long… unless you’re wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes. But, I digress (shocker). […]

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The Inscrutability of Secrets

The other day, I was chatting online with a photographer who I recently became acquainted with. I initially reached out because I wanted to pay him a compliment on a beautiful waterfall photo that he took the in Pacific Northwest area. When I asked him which waterfall it was, his response was utterly bewildering to me. He expressed hesitation about sharing […]

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Morning routines

Morning routines… rituals, really.

For me, these pre-caffeinated actions are usually executed in a fugue-like state and they unfold as something like: simulated sun light alarm begins waking me up about 30 minutes before my actual wake up time (7:30AM), disconnect phone from charger, wade through mostly junk mail that made it through Google’s spam filters, and then begin the exhausting and […]

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