Horseshoe Bend at sunset

I’m about 10 minutes away from boarding a flight to Amsterdam and then to Hamburg and wanted to get a photo shared out before we take off. I’ll be working out of the Nik office in Lübeck, so it’s time to get funky with some jet lag. In the meantime, here’s a photo I took wayyyyyyyyyy back when of Horseshoe Bend, near […]

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Embrace obstacles to improve photo composition

Obstacles. They’re everywhere, aren’t they. In most cases, I usually do my damnedest to avoid them or remove them (either in real life or in post) but it’s not that often that I embrace them. And that’s the funny thing. When I do look for ways to include obstacles in creative ways, not only do I find myself really enjoy […]

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Backlight and the bloke

I only got to experience two sunsets at Byron Bay in Australia and both were spectacular. On the evening of the first sunset, I was frantically running around looking for different photos to take of the ocean, the surfers, and the landscape. Admittedly, I didn’t get to really enjoy the sunset for what it was. I decided to fix that […]

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Improve your composition by using obstacles

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I’m sure many of you photographers reading this post can sympathize with the plight of ever-maneuvering ourselves and our cameras around so that we can omit any obstacles from our frame. Whether we’re contorting in some undiscovered yoga position or have our tripods defying gravity with the way they’re being balanced, […]

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Photo Tip: Making Your Old Images Feel New Again

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I’ve been thinking about this photo tip for a while, mostly because I make it a habit to review my archive from years ago. As photographers who constantly practice and learn new things, it is natural for our sensibilities to evolve. What we thought looked good before may not today. This can […]

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I, Creator: Growing On Your Terms

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Recently, I wrote a brief post on my blog that was titled, Create For Yourself, which serves as the impetus for this story. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my own growth as a photographer and, to a broader extent, […]

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