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The many layers of nature

I love the elemental changes that the cold weather of winter brings to nature. It’s […]

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Detroit: The City of UrbEx

I’m still reeling from the past three days in Detroit. Never in my life have […]

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What’s In My Bag #1 – Detroit UrbEx Shoot, Dec 2014

I’ve long intended on creating a little video series that covers the gear that I […]

Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Brian Matiash. I’m a Portland-based travel & landscape photographer, an author, and a photo educator. I’ve been pursuing and growing my particular brand of imagery since 1996.

Admittedly, I have [not-so] tiny obsessions with long-exposure photography, neutral density filters and fisheye lenses. Basically, my passion is helping others help themselves with their own pursuits of photography.